Day 1 – Liskeard – Liskerrett Community Centre


DSC_0347Good fun! my girls have enjoyed it. Thank you!” Nicky

DSC_0345Excellent, great information and lots of new skills learnt.” Claire




Terry with his fantastic print.

Being physically, vision and hearing impaired  I have found today so stimulating and great fun. Bernard is so knowledgable, Jesse’s so interested in all our efforts, Georgina so helpful  in inking up and cleaning my work. To you all, and all those whos names I didnt catch, thank-you for bringing your arts to us down here in far-flung southeast Cornwall- that’s Liskeard and environs to those in the know!! Your works and efforts are an inspiration to us all both young and old. Please come back soon!!” Terry
DSC_0365Great to learn new skills, really enjoyable.” Claire

DSC_0368Great day, enjoyed making a print of Derek Swindley’s camera obscura” Lesley

DSC_0379Fantastic day – inspiring- inventive ideas – look forward to seeing the finished book!!” Steph

DSC_0383I enjoyed it so much!” Tom

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