Work begins on printing the Travelogue Kernow book

Work has begun on the first pages of Travelogue Kernow! Artists Claire and Chris, book conservator Lizzie and her PZ Conservation interns Liz, Holly and Sam, joined Jesse and Bernard at the Newlyn Art School print studio for five days and evenings of all out printing. This is a great facility  which we are very lucky to have the opportunity to work with.

201301281839 015201301281839 016

Jesse and Bernard have gathered together all the printing plates from our 2013 tour which took place in Wadebridge, Liskeard, Launceston, Helston, Penzance, Newquay and The Middle of Nowhere Children’s Literature Festival. So many fabulous images; what a great resource but we can’t use them all so there will be some tough decisions ahead seeing which ones will work for the book!

201301261806 033201301261806 030

The great thing about working at the school is that we have the space to work on two of the books at the same time and lay the pages out across the floor; they take up a lot of space!

201301261806 027

It has been interesting how quickly and naturally a quite distinct character, feeling and atmosphere developed for each of the first two chapters, for Wadebridge and Launceston.

201301261806 029

Launceston both unfolds and rises to the heights of the castle while Wadebridge follows the meandering narrative of river and railway.

201301261806 031

The above image shows the first stage of printing the Wadebridge pages and below Claire inking some of the plates. These pages will pass through the press many times as we add more images.

201301261806 034

Once we had established the overall shape for a chapter we could begin adding images

201301281839 020

making an arrangement of plates and deciding the order through the press.

201301261806 032

Gradually we began to build up the collage of images for individual pages.

201301281839 037Page by Page the collage of images is completed; at a later date we will do further work on the book adding text to the mix.

201301281839 049Each chapter is to have a cover and Chris has taken the lead on arranging the wooden letter blocks and design for the titles.

201301281839 017201301281839 025It has been a fantastic week working full on with a great team and we are looking forward to working soon with PZ Conservation to add text and bind the pages and covers together.

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