The Project

We are launching a new form of visual map of Cornwall; a travelogue of images and stories created by the public with help from Artists and book makers. We will help and inspire people to create prints about the place they live, focusing on the landscapes and buildings of their communities; images from historical engravings to iconic posters, local contemporary artist prints, photographs and postcards will give way to the prints made by people of all ages and backgrounds. These can represent the diversity and knowledge of the locality from geology, wildlife, industry and folk lore. Combining these with text we will develop a new way of collating and archiving this into the form of a one-off concertina book that opens into a stunning portrait of Cornwall.

For two or three days in each of four towns we will transform a public space such as the town hall into an exciting printmaking workshop which will include presses, letterpress, bookbinding and framing. Everyone will be welcome to drop in and share in the creative energy, learning the essentials of printmaking and making a print. One print will be theirs to keep and one print will become part of our travelogue of Cornwall. Participants can also create posters about their town which we will print up at the venue.


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